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Welcome To The void

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Liminal Moon

Liminal Moon was born from the ashes of devastation and alchemized with the nectar of survival. It was made for the misfits, weirdos, wall flowers, and outcasts. It was built as a temple for those who feel lost and alone, seeking shelter. This is a transformative space, where we oscillate between expansion and total acceptance of the presence. It is the uncomfortable void, the phases of life, unlimited potential, the waiting room of The Universe…it is everything, and it is nothing. But most importantly, it is for you. Click the button below to come make magic with us.


Trash Magic

You can think of our blog Trash Magic as waiting room reading material while you are swimming in the void. With no particular structure, Trash Magic is an exploration of what it means to make magic from nothing (or at least accessible somethings). Musings, art, DIY, zine inspiration, journal prompts, meditations, tarot card interpretations…the list will not ever end. It has two rules: check your ego at the door, and everyone who acts in kindness is welcome. Bring your notebooks, glitter, and tarot cards; the portal to Trash Magic lies just below.


our mission

liminal moon aims to create an inclusive space that helps folks navigate through the uncertainty of life through the use of tarot, magic, and empowerment.

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